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Tune into nature, go with the natural ebb and flow of life.


Red wines best reflect the complexity of life as they are built in layers, much like experiences and relationships.


Shalestone Vineyards is not just a business, it is our creative outlet, an opportunity that allows us to create and control a life style of our own.


It is a joy to enhance the quality of life with our wine.


"Everything in Balance!"




"Red is All We Do!"


Our niche dry red wines are hand crafted by the Thomas family on the Eastern shores of Seneca Lake.


Shalestone’s goal is to make red wines that are uniquely different from the other leading wine regions of the world but just as complex.


The recognized potential of our shallow clay-rich soil and the unique climate of the Finger Lakes makes Shalestone Vineyards a unique and experienced  winemaker in a burgeoning wine region.



Spending time with our customers in our relaxed atmosphere is a must.  We cater to passionate wine drinkers, who are interesested in the process and philosophy.


Come in, relax and imerse yourselves in our beautiful and serene tasting room. 


We encourage our guests to taste and savor our wines, to create dialogue and stimulate the senses.


Due to the size of our tasting room and our tasting philosophy, groups of 8+ are highly discouraged. We appreciate your respecting this.



Opening in 2020:

March - Saturdays  12 - 5pm [starting March 21st]

April - Friday to Sunday  12 - 5pm

May - Friday to Sunday 12 - 5pm

June - Thursday to Monday 12 - 5pm

July - Thursday to Monday 12 - 5pm

August - Thursday to Monday 12 - 5pm

September - Thursday to Monday 12 - 5pm

October - Fridays 12 - 5pm

November - Fridays 12 - 5pm

December - February - CLOSED


Wines can be purchased year round by calling 607.279.6065. Check shipping information for mail orders.